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VeritARSE's Journal
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Friday, November 4th, 2005
8:13 pm
News from Veritas!

Update from the Party Leader.
Released 03 Nov 2005


Members may remember I wrote some time back that we are going to build this party as the Emperor Hadrian rebuilt Rome
Brick by Brick my fellow citizens, Brick by Brick"

Brick by brick! It's quite touching, isn't it? I always assumed they had folded as soon as Kilroy left. But apparently the Veritas bandwagon still rattles on, like a bizarro-world version of one of those deranged little trotskyite splinter groups. Just be patient, comrades! All we have to do is keep building the party in true accordance with Kilroy-Silk-Thought, and the revolution will come!
Saturday, July 30th, 2005
12:38 pm
Robert Kilroy-Silk has left Veritas.


Is this the end?
Sunday, July 3rd, 2005
3:58 pm
Les Leggett of Veritas is standing in the Cheadle By-election.

another lost deposit
Friday, May 6th, 2005
1:58 pm
Heh. George Galloway may have won in Bethnal Green and Bow, but the other permatanned demagogue got completely stuffed last night.

Poor old Kilroy, relegated to fourth place with only 3000 votes. Is this the end for Veritas, and hence also the end for the veritas_watch LJ community?
Saturday, April 30th, 2005
10:22 am
Oooh, I haven't done anything to update Veritas Watch recently. Time to get on the case....

On the Gauche blog there's an article entitled "Xenophobe Loons" that analyses Veritas' manifesto claims.

Would you believe that dear old Kilroy's party is telling a few fibs?

The article is worth reading in full, but here's a brief sample:

The cavalier attitude to truth is most apparent on Europe. "Our membership of the European Union probably costs us around £40bn or more a year," the manifesto intones. "You can check the figures in the recent reports from the independent think-tank Civitas." In fact, Civitas (click here) is a right-wing free-market pressure group led by former big-wigs from the Institute of Economic Affairs – and the claim was made in a pamphlet written by Ian Milne, director of Global Britain, a whacko anti-EU pressure group (click here). Just to add to the suspicion that the £40bn figure was simply made up, it contrasts oddly with the claim of the UK Independence Party in last year's European election (in which Kilroy-Silk won a seat for UKIP) that the cost of Britain's EU membership was £20bn a year.

Then there's this canard: "The EU is removing our ability to govern ourselves and make our own decisions about our future. Decisions in the EU are made by unelected and unaccountable Commissioners, who now make 70 per cent of our laws." According to research by the House of Commons library, that's utter nonsense: only 9 per cent of UK legislation emanates from the EU.

It amuses me somewhat to learn that a right-wing loony political party called Veritas takes advice from a right-wing loony think-tank called Civitas.

Maybe they have a think-tank on obesity called Bigfatas?
Saturday, April 16th, 2005
9:16 pm
It seems that for a political party named after the Latin word for "truth", Veritas are quite keen on fibbing.

They've been caught rigging their own website poll - http://www.veritas-lies.tk/
Thursday, April 14th, 2005
5:45 pm
Whatcha gonna do Rob? "I'm going to spread bigotry! And you can watch"!!
Courtesy of The Guardian:

Robert Kilroy-Silk launches the Veritas prospectus. He said some cultures did not deserve respect.
You "liberal fascists" - I quote Kilroy - aren't going to give Veritas a fair hearing, are you? Why don't you just scroll down to the next blog post? Unlike you, Kilroy spent the whole day talking to people on the streets of Derby yesterday. The Today programme recorded him as he was speaking to a refugee from Kosovo. The man said he was going back home this summer. And what did the BBC do? They cut out the bit a few moments later when the man admitted that he was only going back for a holiday, according to Kilroy. But what can you expect from an organisation that sacked him for telling the truth?

EU withdrawal, and an end to asylum and "multiculturalism", are still Robert Kilroy-Silk's chief preoccupations. Like Michael Howard, he made much of Kamel Bourgass's presence in Britain and the amount that had been spent on processing his asylum claims. Mindful, however, of the need to establish clear purple water between Veritas and Ukip, Kilroy has come up with a policy to trump his old party: a flat rate of tax of 22% on earnings of over £12,000 a year.

His deputy, Damian Hockney - his sideburns and chest pelt as luxuriant as ever - explained that the party had been inspired by the low tax rates in eastern Europe.

Asked how he intended to abolish multiculturalism, Kilroy said he would ban forced marriages, female genital mutilation and book-burning: "All cultures are not equal. There are some that are not entitled to respect." Which cultures were less equal? "Those that chop off limbs, those that behead people, those that oppress women," he replied. The daytime TV host is after the female vote. Who would have thought it?

Over at the Foreign Press Association, meanwhile, an equally suave George Galloway was launching Respect's manifesto. "We believe in things that Labour used to believe in and that most Labour people wanted Labour to believe in," he said.

Great. THE LOONIES ARE COMING!! THE LOONIES ARE COMING!! Only Pop music can save us now...
Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
10:12 pm
That Kilroy, eh? He spreads big sloppy kisses wherever he goes.

Burton Mail journalist Tom Sloan, 25, said he got a smacker as the Veritas Party leader toured the Staffordshire brewing town on Thursday.

He said the politician kissed him after taking a bite from a gift of a sandwich made with local product Marmite.

Mr Sloan said: "He was so touched he gave me a kiss on the cheek. I just closed my eyes and hoped for the best."

What do you have to put in the sandwich to get tongued by Kilroy?
Saturday, April 9th, 2005
1:06 pm
Don't hold back, Rob. Tell us what you really think.
In the first of a series never to be repeated, here Robert Kilroy-Silk shares his intellectual, well-thought out views on foreigners. Enjoy...I'm off to find an uzi automatic and a large cut-out of Kilroy, put it in my back garden and do some target practice.

Robert Kilroy-Silk's views about foreigners
Robert Kilroy-Silk was parachuted into the UKIP list with such indecent haste that as late as May 19 his name still didn't appear among the twelve (yes, twelve for some reason) submitted by UKIP to the LGIB website. Perhaps it still doesn't.

Did the whole UKIP membership in the East Midlands vote for this list, as East Midlands Green Party members did for ours?

After the anti-arab rant that lost him his BBC job, Private Eye performed a useful service by listing some of the racist nonsense Mr Kilroy-Silk has written in his Daily Express column. The following examples of his views about foreigners (and some fellow-Britons) are taken from that article. I am grateful to Private Eye for permission to quote from it.

The Irish. In 1992 the Daily Express apologised for printing a Kilroy column which described Ireland as a country peopled by peasants, priests and pixies. (9 Nov 1992.) He has been wary of going public on the subject ever since, though a couple of years ago his Sunday Express column included a swipe at "no-mark countries such as Belgium and Ireland" (28 Jul 2002) - "no-mark" being a favourite Kilroy expression of contempt.
The Scots. No better than the Irish. "The Scots suffer from a bit of an inferiority complex when it comes to the English," Kilroy reveals (19 May 2002). "Scotland is dying," he adds. "Between a quarter and a third of its graduates escape every year, mostly to England!.. They cannot bear to live in their own country" (9 Mar 2003).

Pakistanis. "Here we go again," Kilroy sighs. "The minister responsible for defining the British identity, Michael Wills, still obviously feels the need to pander to the multicultural lobby, even at the cost of making himself look ridiculous. He solemnly proclaimed: ‘The essence of being British is that you can be British and Pakistani, British and Scottish, British and Geordie.’ What a dumbhead!... Will someone please inform him that Scots are British, that Geordies are British, but that Pakistanis are not. They’re Pakistanis!" (23 Dec 2001). And Kilroy takes a dim view of the Pakistanis. "Rather than promote peace and understanding between people, the Pakistanis want to generate hate," he writes. "But then what else can we expect from Pakistan?" (7 Jul 2002)

French. Not Kilroy’s favourite race - "devious" (2 Feb 2003), "treacherous... not to be trusted" (16 Feb 2003) and "self-regarding" (9 Mar 2003). In short, they are utterly unlike the British and Americans, who "can be relied upon to keep their word and to act with altruism to a degree that would seem foolish to the French" (13 Apr 2003).

Germans. Kilroy finds the Germans "truculent" (2 Feb 2003). As he asks: "Is there no limit to their brazen cheek?" (13 Apr 2003).

Russians. They are "opportunist" (2 Feb 2003) and "posturing" (9 Mar 2003). But maybe not quite as bad as the French.

Africans. No bloody good at all. "Africa’s plight is mostly the fault of Africans," Kilroy notes (5 Oct 2003). "Most of what is good and decent in Africa has been provided by Europe and the United States."

Iraqis. What a rabble! "They are not grateful for being liberated. They do not appreciate that the coalition forces are attempting to build a decent, democratic, civilised country. They certainly do not appear to be either able or willing to contribute to its reconstruction. Why should we put British lives on the line for this lot? They are not worth the life of one British soldier, not one. All they seem to do is moan, incessantly, about their lack of amenities" (29 Jun 2003).

Asylum-seekers. "The barmy liberals like Diane Abbott don’t like the word ‘swamped’ when used by the Home Secretary to describe schools and GPs’ surgeries being overrun by asylum seekers who cannot speak English. What word would they prefer? Overwhelmed? Drowned? Submerged? What is the problem with using proper English words to describe an appalling situation that many British people have to put up with?" (28 Apr 2002). But Kilroy has a solution: "It is simple enough. We station paratroopers a mile from the British end of the [Channel] Tunnel.. The paras herd the immigrants together and cart them off to Dover where they are dumped on a secure slow boat to -- wherever" (17 Mar 2002).

Black people in general. "Can we ask why whites are usually better swimmers than blacks?" Kilroy wonders (5 Jan 2003). "Can we, moreover, articulate some other, less palatable truths: that there is, for example, more racial prejudice within and between ethnic minorities in Britain than there is between the white indigenous population and immigrants? Can we acknowledge that black youths are responsible for the majority of gun and street crime and that it is they who ought therefore to be targeted without feeling the necessity to point out that the majority of burglars and conmen are white?... Yes, of course we can -- and we should." Kilroy can’t stand "pushy blacks" or "talentless blacks and Asians" (19 Aug 2001.) Or whingeing ones: "Are you fed up of some bleating blacks and Asians blaming their own failures on how their forefathers were exploited by the British Empire?... Why don’t they stop whining and get a life?" (7 Dec 2003). Not that he’s slow to defend black people when they’re genuinely oppressed: a few years ago he took up the case of a black motorist who was stopped by the police in Cheltenham. The man in question was, er, Kilroy’s chauffeur.

Foreigners in general. Otherwise known as "parasitic foreigners" and "dodgy foreigners". (2 Dec 2001). Kilroy gets very angry if anyone blames the rise in British HIV cases on sexual promiscuity or suggests that TB might have something to do with inadequate sanitation, bad diet, poverty, etc. "The indigenous population is not responsible. The diseases are being brought here by refugees, immigrants and tourists... It is the foreigners that we have to focus on" (1 Dec 2002). And focus he does.

Arabs. "Can everyone stop blaming the British and Americans for the fact that there are a load of thieving Arabs in Iraq?" he demands (4 May 2003). "The orgy of thieving in Iraq has more to do with the character of the people than the absence of restraining troops." So what is the Arab character? "There could be few starker demonstrations of the difference between Britain and the United States and the Arabs than the manner in which they treat their civilians and their dead," he writes (4 Jan 2004). "While the Arabs desert their dead soldiers in the desert to be buried with reverence by the Americans, we go to enormous lengths to retrieve every single body... Who says that all cultures are morally equal?" Certainly not Kilroy, who regards the Arabs as a waste of space. "Few of them make much contribution to the welfare of the rest of the world. Indeed, apart from oil -- which was discovered, is produced and is paid for by the West -- what do they contribute? Can you think of anything? Anything really useful? Anything really valuable? Something we really need, could not do without? No, nor can I."
10:58 am
Via Nick Barlow.

Veritas nearly had a new celeb to add to their roster.

Remember the Kilshaws? That awful, insane couple from North Wales who in 2001 tried to adopt a baby over the Internet and caused a media storm as a result. They then started appearing on television whenever they could, trying to persuade the world that they were wonderful parents who deserved to be allowed to adopt. Sadly, this backfired, since with every TV appearance they only demonstrated that they shouldn't be allowed to look after a pet hamster, let alone a human being.

Now Judith Kilshaw, the spectacularly revolting wife to Alan was originally to stand as a Veritas candidate in the election.

However, it seems that Veritas only has room for one raving, paranoid megalomaniac, and Judith will be standing as an independent instead.
10:57 am
Okay, this community is up and running.

So let's start the ball rolling with a rousing chorus of the Veritas party theme song.
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